Monday, 9 May 2016

Awesome... thanks for the continued support. You can request your favorite books

Revival of the blog

So, I recently noticed that people are still apparently following the blog and have every day viewed the site for above 20 times on average, even though I haven't been posting any new content

Well, if you would like me to continue building up the collection of books that you can read online without any hassle or download them on your devices for offline use, feel free to request any book in Request Page and I will (most of the time) be able to upload your favorite books and/or series on the blog. Comment if you'd like to suggest any changes to the style of posts and such and I might implement it. The higher popularity a book has, the likelier it is that I can post it here.

With that being said, thanks for all the support and I wish this blog is helping you in some way.

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